Why isn't 1 Farm chicken organic?

Labels can be confusing.....Free Range, Pasture raised, Certified organic, All natural, antibiotic free.... there's any number of distinctions that can be applied to our food these days, and it can be confusing. We want you to understand exactly HOW we raise our chicken.

Why did we call it "1 Farm"

"Are you saying you're number 1?" We've heard this question a couple of times, and the answer is NO, that's not it at all. While we do think that the way we raise chicken is top of the class , we are making a statement in the name of our farm....

Where it all started

Why we decided to do something totally different.... Although we've raised commercial poultry for over 30 years, there have been so many things along the way that we KNEW we could do better. From paying more attention to our own health, the food we were eating and the overall quality of that food, to the overall nutrients we were providing in the animals we were raising, we took a hard look at the changes we needed to make. We have never had the mentality of "that's the way we've always done it", instead, always looking for ways to improve. At 1 Farm, we believe improving the quality of LIFE improves the quality of FOOD.