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One Farm Feeding Your Family

One Farm birds choose to go inside or outside at will
Better than free range or pastured - FREE CHOICE!
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your family!

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Please NOTE:  Although 1 Farm Poultry LLC is certified organic by CCOF, our retail products are NOT certified organic because we do not have access to a certified organic processor.  We are hopeful that will change soon.  Feel free to reach out with any questions.  Or check out our blog posts on details about our processes.

We are proud to be affiliated with the Intertribal Agriculture Council and are listed on the American Indian Foods website as a provider of meat. Our chicken is always free of chemicals, synthetics, antibiotics, and hormones. They are fed a certified organic feed, go inside or outside at will (during the day), drink chemical free water, and they enjoy LOTS of space! Our chicken is hand processed in a USDA, federally inspected facility and is air-chilled and vacuum-sealed for the best quality. Taste the difference!

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How It Works

We raise

One Farm raises chicken the best way possible, so you get the cleanest, healthiest chicken possible.

You Choose

Select the products you prefer, and choose to have it shipped to your door or select farm pickup and come see us.

You Enjoy!

Taste the difference! Clean, healthy chicken you can be proud to provide your family!

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