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We offer Free-Choice Pastured Poultry

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One Farm raises chicken following Certified Organic processes, so you get the cleanest,healthiest chicken possible.

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Select the products you prefer, and choose to have it shipped to your door or select farm pickup and come see us.

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Our Story

We've been raising high quality chicken, right here in Northeast Oklahoma for over 30 years. Last year, we decided to take our dedication to quality, a step further. Here at 1 Farm, we not only focus on the health of our chickens, but the quality of life they have. From the time they hatch until they feather, our chickens are protected in a clean, warm brood area with tons of space. We focus on small batches, so the birds are NEVER crowded. As soon as the chicks feather, they can go outside to the pasture. Coop doors are opened in the morning and chicks are free to roam outside, where they can hunt bugs, eat grass or scratch at it, be lazy in the sun or lay in the shade. They can come and go as they please right up until dark, when someone in the family will go close them up for the night, to protect them from predators. They're like free-range, but we like to call it Free-Choice. They're not forced to stay outside at night and they're not forced to stay inside during the day. We believe this to be the best way to raise a chicken-complete shelter when they need it and freedom and space to roam where they want during the day.

Not only do they live right, but they eat right too. Your chickens, when they aren't scratching up their own snacks, eat a certified organic, vegetarian ration, and drink spring-fed well water (That's right, NO chemicals in our water). They are NEVER given any kind of antibiotics or hormones... EVER! We make sure they are taking in all the good stuff to begin with, so they don't need medicines to be healthy.

We want chickens to be chickens. We want them to have space to roam and to come and go as they please. We want our processes to be regenerative for the soil, healthy for the animals, and sustainable for the life of the farm. All of this equates to a premium healthier product for you. It's food you can trust, produced by a local farmer you can get to know and is excited to finally be able to see the faces of the people buying the product he raises. There's so much inspiration in seeing first hand who our customers are and getting to know all of you.

You can order on the website, and have your order conveniently shipped to your door or if you'd rather come to the farm, you can pick it up here. For farm pick-up, send us a text to arrange a time to come, so we can make sure the farmer is here to meet you.

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