Our Story

For 30 years, we raised chickens for a Poultry Company that followed Industrial farming methods, which we often disagreed with.  We always wanted to improve the quality of life for the chickens, but were restricted by company policies.  We knew the only way we could create more humane changes, was to step out in faith and leave Industrial Farming completely.  Our rebirth took place in 2022. One Farm became completely independent, Certified Organic by third-party certifier CCOF, and we put in place processes that EXCEED Organic regulations, for the best living conditions and practices for our chickens. Please note: until we find an Organic Processor to work with, our retail products are NOT certified organic.

To improve life quality, we focused on tons of space and freedom to roam.  Once the birds are old enough, One Farm chickens can go outside or inside during the day and are protected inside at night.  

It is our goal to provide the healthiest chicken possible.  One Farm chicken is processed in a USDA Federally Inspected Licensed facility.  It is air-chilled, and vacuum sealed for the best quality.


NO Antibiotics NO Additives NO Hormones NO Steroids – EVER

“It’s simple, when you raise a chicken in a clean environment, feed them quality feed and clean water, with lots of freedom to move, you don’t need medications to keep them healthy!”  

Keith Cunningham – the farmer

This is not chicken from ONE of many industrial farms, it’s food you can trust from one farmer at 


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