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November 6, 2022

1 Farm Has Expanded!

If you are in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, Kansas, or Arkansas, we can ship directly to YOU. What does that have to do with the corn picture, you ask? We didn't want to use styrofoam shippers that get tossed and never decompose. We chose a product that is biodegradable and made from corn, to keep our frozen chicken frozen and be good for our environment! This product goes beyond recyclable. To dispose, toss the outer plastic wrap in the recycle bin after removing the inner foam. Dissolve the foam under running water - it is safe for sewer and septic systems OR pour the dissolved liquid over your plants. It is made from NON-GMO corn, so it is ACTUALLY good for your plants.

Not only can you feel good about the food we raise for you, you can feel good about the products we use to ship it to you!

Orders placed by midnight on Saturday, are shipped the following Tuesday. Free delivery on orders over $150.00.

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