Air chilled chicken

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August 28, 2022

Air chilled is pretty much like it sounds. After the initial processing, the chickens are placed on a rack and rolled into a refrigerated room to bring the meat temperature to below 40 degrees, quickly.

To understand why that is such a good process, you have to know the alternative. Most chicken is vat chilled, meaning there is a large vat full of ice water, that hundreds of chickens will be placed into to cool all at once. Unfortunately, the chicken will absorb some of that shared ice-bath water, adding weight to the retail product. As the chicken is later cooked, that extra water will evaporate and dry the meat up quicker.

Air chilled chicken will absorb seasoning and marinades better, and will cook more evenly. All 1 Farm chicken is air chilled resulting in the best tasting highest quality chicken available!

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