Why did we call it "1 Farm"

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July 17, 2022

"Are you saying you're number 1?" We've heard this question a couple of times, and the answer is NO, that's not it at all. While we do think that the way we raise chicken is top of the class , we are making a statement in the name of our farm....

How many times do you go to the grocery store and you know exactly where your chicken came from? I'd guess, hardly ever. You may know the brand or the company that sells it, but where was it grown? Who was the farmer? You might even be able to find a batch number, that someone-somewhere can look up to determine what area it came from, but do they know what farm it was raised at?

We wanted to provide all of that information in the simple naming of our farm....

One Farm.

We are raising happy, healthy, nutrient-rich chicken in an ethical manner, from our ONE small family farm in Oklahoma. We look forward to being able to share our principles and processes with you, so you can get to know us. We may not be your next door neighbor, but we can still be YOUR farmer.... the one you get to know and trust to provide quality products to feed your family.

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